A historical journey through a medieval landscape

Join us and book a tour through Geatland

You´ll see!*

  • Churches in which Geatic and Swedish kings are buried.**
  • Burial mounds and museums.
  • A huge natural fortress.
  • A place for the sacrifice of war booty.
  • A possible link to the Southeast European Gothic communities.
  • A five thousand year old last supper. And more, your guide will compare the story of Beowulf with what you see!

Our English-speaking guides will show you historical sites during two days (or one day) of traveling in an air-conditioned bus. Price £409 per person (one day £203). Recommended age of visitors: over 20.

* Program subject to change without notice. One day tour is a shorter concept.
** Every Swedish king between 1000 - 1250 AD except one, where we know the site of burial, rests in Western and Eastern Geatland.

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